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Is politics a rich man’s game? It certainly feels like that. It costs £500 to get on the ballot paper for the general election. To get a leaflet delivered by Royal Mail costs another £1,500. The super-rich 1% pours money into the coffers of the establishment parties who in turn push through policies that benefit their big business backers.
What we have is our ideas and determination to fight back. We are standing in 130 parliamentary seats and over 500 council seats in 2015 to make sure there is an anti-cuts choice. To do that we need you!
So we are asking for the pennies and pounds donated by trade unionists, workers, socialists, anti-cuts activists, and all affected by austerity – and their families, friends, and well-wishers. We need lots of people to make donations to help build the anti-cuts electoral challenge. Can you give a tenner to TUSC?
TUSC has to fight to just get on the ballot paper because we represent those with no money and no voice. Join that fight!

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